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Re: bumkins bibs?

I use my bibs for food, lol I bought a bunch of plastic ones from target when DS first started on solids. I hated using them because they were messier than cloth (the pureed food dribbles around because of the plastic and DS would put his hands in it) and have to be handwashed. I cannot stand handwashing! Not to mention they were all velcro. Within 5 seconds of putting them on DS would have them taken back off.

Now I use cotton/flannel with BKT on the back for when he eats. I have designated "food" bibs that aren't my favorites, that way if they get stains on them it doesn't really matter. Honestly though, most of them have yet to receive a noticable stain.

If plastic bibs had snaps on them I might like them a little more, but I have yet to find ones that do. I thought about adding snaps to his store-bought ones but I have yet to get around to doing so.
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