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Re: How do you get a 1year old to eat?

You know what, my 16 mo is 20 lbs (barely) and 30 inches and our MD has never said a word, maybe b/c she DOES eat. I wonder if they didn't know yours wasn't eating yet, would they say something?

My son didn't eat at that age either, had no interest. I would occasionally give him a cracker or veggie burger, but for the most part it was entertainment value and not nutritional-eating until arond 20 months (and BTW, mom-to-mom, watch for that as I gained 10 lbs that month without changing anything else in my life!). However, he was a huge nurser and weighed plenty. He did lose weight after the stomach flu and shortly thereafter began walking so he didn't gain it back. I remember them having us come in for an extra visit at some point but he'd gained a half pound so they left us a lone.

She's not even "off the charts" is she?
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