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Re: so frustrated....ins gripe

Originally Posted by stephdpn
Also, sometimes premiums are different in different places or jobs, even if you have the same insurance company - a lot of it depends on the average age of the employee - when DH worked at Abercrombie, the avg age for the entire corporation was like 35 or something like that, we paid like $75 a month for family coverage. Now he works at a college, where the avg employee age is about 60 and we pay a lot more!

Where i work, it is almost all childbearing-age women(social work), and our premiums are SKY HIGH because maternity costs are ridiculous, and thats' where the vast majority of our money goes!!!

I so hate this, especially since like 90% of women don't even need an OB or a really PISSES me off that my ins premiums are ridiculous because the ins company has to shell out close to $20grand a pop for C/Sections, at least 80% of which are totally UNEEDED. And then they won't cover my $2000 for the entire pregnancy, prenatals, birth and postpartum visits that my homebirth midwife chanrges!

Peeved. Irked.
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