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Re: OT - how do you go about separating? family is thousands of miles away...that makes it harder & I don't like to tell them too many details when we are having problems 'cause I feel that they'll just hold it against him...why do I even care....

I could call my old therapist, but she just listens & doesn't offer any idea of how to actually make it happen. Yea, I could go to a hotel or something, but then do I take the kids (bad on the kids) or leave them here (bad on the kids) or ask him to go somewhere else (I lean this way, but that's hard too)....At Christmas, I told him NOT to come home & he straightened out pretty quickly, but I don't make idle threats for drama. When I say stuff - I HAVE to mean it...or each time I say it, it becomes more meaningless if you KWIM.
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