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Re: I absolutely LOVE Mother-ease!! ACTION SHOTS!

Originally Posted by Amy B View Post
I use MEOS with all my kiddos. I don't usually really get into cd till they are 5 or 6 months. Somehting about poo and postpartum doesn't mix I now have a super chunk 6 month old 23lbs. I was not loving the Rikki's--the velcro is really wide and left red marks-- With all my babies. I had 2 super chunks and one super thin.
So I decided about a month ago to try pf and fleece soakers. I still reach for my MEOS until they are gone and then use the pf. I sold/selling my rikkis and bought a bummis sww and a thirsties I am in Heaven!! My hubby still likes the airflow so I kept his stash.
Sorry for the long post.
I thought I was the only one who loved these here.

I have been exclusively using MEAfs mostly, rikki at night. DD (not quite 4 months) just moved up to the M/L size last week. Im not loving the fit.
I too have been using bsww lately and am loving that fit. Even though I have 16 meos, I mainly use pfs and the bsww fit well over the pf bulk.
I still use a rikki wrap at night though! Only have 1 in size medium. I have 5 in size large, which she could actually wear already. Just trying to hold out awhile longer on moving up a size.
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