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Re: Does anyone have a grandmother that never nursed?

YES! My grandmother had 4 chilren and never nursed any of them, not even for a split second. I feel bed thinking of that! But then I remember that it was a different era back then. Babies were born in pristine hospitals, on doctor's timetables, then whisked away to the nursery immediately, where they were usually given sugar water, mothers were given pills to prevent their milk from coming in, etc. It was a different time altogether. Nursing just wasn't the norm. I mean, women were expected to vacuum in high heels and a dress! - the thought of exposing a breast and then allowing your baby to suck on it must have been mortifying for the "proper" woman back then.

All I can say is I am sure glad times have changed! I know nursing is still not as accepted as a lot of people (me included) would like, but it has come a long way from those times.

My grandmother, when I talk to her about nursing says things like, "I wish someone had told me how good that is for babies. I think it's wonderful that you nurse yours. I wish someone would have knocked some sense into me back then. I didn't know any better."

My own mother only nursed my brother and I for 3 months or so each. While it's great that she nursed us at all, she's not very knowledgable about nursing and has NEVER made an effort to help me with any of the nursing problems I've had. She's always been cold and aloof about it... even suggesting I wean b/c it's "weird" and "embarassing" for her when I NIP.

I think each generation of mothers has different ways.


A very old friend of ours (about 87 or so?) says his sister was raised on horse milk because his mother got very ill and could not nurse her. He says she's only had one broken bone, which split, didn't break in two, and he attributes that to the horse milk. Not sure that it has any merit what-so-ever but it was an interesting story from an old friend.

On DH's side, his mother nursed both of her children until they were about 3 mos each. Then they were weaned. Pretty much the same story as my mom with her kids. Both my MIL and my own mother are big pushers for water, rice cereal and solids.

My other grandmother I don't think she nursed either. She also had 4 children. She had to work and could not nurse them.

And, the last thing I wanted to say, my Aunt was the first in our family to nurse. She is a career woman and a mom and she would pump so her son could have momma milk while she was at work. My grandfather cracks up laughing when he tells me about her "milking machine" !!! Which I think is hilarious.

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