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Re: Does anyone have a grandmother that never nursed?

This thread is so interesting! As a first time mama, I asked my mom if my grandmother BF'd. She told me, "No," which I thought was weird, because she was poor and lived in a rural area. However, my grandmother actually did BF both her children. I was shocked when it came up in a conversation we had. Its just weird to me that BFing is never discussed. She nursed my mom for one year and would have gone longer, but the dr told her my mom needed to start drinking from a cup. Wha? She stopped nursing my mom's younger brother at 6 weeks due to a "breast infection" that had to be wicked.

When my mom was born, my grandfather was away in the war, so my grandmother lived at home with her parents. She said she really enjoyed that, because her own mother, who had nursed 8 babies, was there to help her. That sounds pretty darn good to me, as my own mother knows absolutely nothing about breastfeeding.
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