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Re: Weaning from BF at 12 months

You've really got to do what works for both of you. I breastfed dd until she was almost 3. I started out only intending to go to 12 months and thought people who breastfed 2 year olds were weird. Then I just sort of naturally fell into breastfeeding longer. It was easier and I didn't want to hastle with weaning. I am so grateful that I went longer. Breastfeeding is the best when they hit the tantrum phase. When ds was freaking out, I could put her to the breast and calm her down. It was also such a nice relaxing way to put her down for her nap and bed. She was in daycare 2 days a week and has never been seriously ill and never had an ear infection. She weaned when I was pregnant with ds and it was a very easy weaning. Sometimes when she's fussy, my instinct is still to nurse her - but now we have to turn to other things.

It sounds like you're following your mother instincts. They won't lead you astray!

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