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Exclamation Those with a problem with me and in a trans. as well PLEASE READ

Editing by cowmommy here:
This member was a previously banned member. We do not know if what she was saying is true or not. I would like to hope someone wouldn't make something like that up though If you have sent this person paypal, I would suggest filing with paypal or a credit card company ASAP

As many of you know I have had a hard time since November when my husband passed away in Iraq. His mom moved her to the St. Louis area to help me out since I am pregnant and have a little one at home already. I was admitted to the hospital in pre-mature labor 2 different times, but now I have been released and am back home with a terbutaline(SP) pump.
I have corrected a few of my transactions, and will continue to correct the others. My mother in law was trying to do her best to keep up with it all, but she just couldn't handle it, my daughter and being with me at the hospital.

* To those who have questions about my selling items and posting so soon after my husband passed away* I was trying to keep busy for 1 thing, and the other was that I wasn't sure how long it would take for military beefits to start. You can doubt what you want, thats you opinion! It just really hurts that I have been accused of lying about losing my child and my husband. Who would lie about that, I mean seriously?

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