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Re: Sorry, I know this has been covered....

My ds is 8.5 mos old, eats basically no solids, and is 27 lbs (growing out of his 24 mos clothes). He was 22 lbs at his 6 mo checkup, so has gained 5 lbs in 2.5 months on nothing to speak of other than breastmilk.

He likes to eat cheerios some days, and I just let him play with bananna the other day. I actually didn't see any go in, but there was enough in the diaper today that I am sure he ate some, just not sure when. I have made and frozen some veggies for him, but he doesn't care much for them (and I absolutely do not believe in forcing babies to eat), so we have a bunch of ice cubes of pureed veggies and not much to do with them. We do continue to offer the veggies every so often

DS has some pretty serious food sensitivities, and I am on a very restricted diet. Because of this, we decided to take solids very slowly. At this point, he will probably go straight to table foods, which will be great - less work for me!

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