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Re: DS can get out of his crib!!

We had a convertible crib-- thank goodness too! My DD started climbing out of her crib when she was 14 months old It was so heartbreaking on many levels... One of which was the fact that she was also able to climb out of her playpen... so her bed was the last light of defense when it came to containment

We just switched the bed over to it's "toddler" version and went with it There wasn't much else we could do-- I'd rather her get out of bed several times a night as opposed to her climbing out and accidentally injuring herself.

I honestly wouldn't punish him. He's not really doing anything wrong-- he's just growing and conquering his environment. I also probably wouldn't keep putting him in it, as there is a chance her could get injured on one of his trips out. I'd just make him a nap pallet on the floor and go buy him a bed tonight
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