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Smile Re: I don't want mastitis again!

i've had mastitis a few times in the last 2 months! And now the evil nipple thrush from all the penicillin. Ugly!

Keep your nipples clean and dry and avoid the lanolin. It traps bacteria on your nipples which block the ducts. Get lots of sleep! Eat cooked whole grains and cooked veggies! Avoid all forms of sugar (a piece of fruit sometimes for blood sugar is all you need). Walk/speed walk for half hour each day! Drink 8 tall glasses of water a day! Avoid caffine!

Are your nipples cracked? Polysporin works great. Just wipe off with water before breastfeeding.

Use a good breastpump to fully empty the breasts! Wear breathable cotton breast pads.
This has all worked great for me!
My prayers are with you!
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