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Re: How can I cut this? Would you?

I vote leave it. My parents guilted me into cutting Kearnan's hair when he was little and I always regretted it. Even more when he started screaming like you were murdering him every time you took him to the salon. We finally just said enough is enough. So from 2.5 - 7 yrs he had no hair cuts at all (I would trim it a touch to keep the ends nice, while he was sleeping he was so traumatized by it). He finally decided to cut it this year. He had never wanted to before but we found out after he did that the 1st grade teacher at his new school had been pressuring him to cut his hair. She actually told him that he couldn't be a boy if he had long hair. But that is a whole diffrent issue. She and I are not on good terms, and probably never will be.

I left Tharen's hair alone. I did nothing with it (other than washing and brushing of course) for almost 3yrs. I decided that I would let him decide how he wanted his hair, when he was ready. I do love long hair on boys, but I also like the idea of letting them make the decision about their own hair. It's almost symbolic of growing up when they decide on their own to have that first hair cut. He decided shortly before his 3rd birthday that he wanted a mohawk. And that is what he has. I was sad to see his long hair go, but he is cute with his mohawk. And I love that he is so proud of it. He's had it cut three times now (his hair grows really fast) and he still loves that he got to decide.
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