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co-sleeping mamas...

Do your lo's nurse all night! My dd is 6 months and has never really slept well for naps or at night... We have tried adding things in from "no cry sleep solution" (lovey, routine, gentle removal plan, etc) and it seems like lately she is waking up more than ever! She wakes up every 30 minutes to 2 hours! And she won't go back to sleep without nursing. She obviously isn't hungry all the time!

I just wanted to hear from some other mamas!
If you lived through this did you do anything to help?
Have any advice on how to help my dd to sleep for longer periods of time?

Currently we start her bedtime routine about 7:30pm and she is usually asleep by 8pm (in her crib) I try to get her to keep sleeping in her crib until we go to sleep about 10pm or so, then she sleeps with us for the rest of the night. We do have a co-sleeper but she doesn't use it much anymore.

I just feel like this is starting to really wear on me! I am having a hard time getting any restful sleep! I like co-sleeping, but I wish it wasn't so hard!

Thanks in advance for your advice and support!
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