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Re: co-sleeping mamas...

My almost 10 month old starts out the night in her crib which is side-carred to our bed. Like right now she's upstairs asleep in her bed and I'm downstairs. She'll be up soon to eat again and then she'll wake up every hour or so to nurse again. It's exhausting and I've tried to keep her from nursing too much but it turns into all night scream sessions and I've found it easier just to put a boob in her mouth and be done with it. I'm able to nurse laying down really easily so I can still sleep while she nurses, in fact I sleep without a top on and there are times when I wake up and she's latched on and I didn't even realize she was there.
My DH travels for work alot so it's just me and the baby or he would take her for a little while at night so I could get some sleep.
She won't nap well during the day either without me sleeping and nursing her almost all through the nap.
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