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I'm SO mad. (vax rant)

Today was my son's 1st birthday party and it was honestly one of the best days of my life, next to his actual birth. Today was JUST amazing.

Well up until my husband's grandma calls him and started *****ing about how we are not vaccinating, and that's why I'm sick all the time (I have bells palsy...facial paralysis...YEAH, that's surely attributed by my unvaxed son)
Anyway, My husband tried to tell her we have done our research and blah blah. She just had this smug attitude and was like "FINE, but when he gets sick, I'm holding YOU responsible." Seriously, WTH?

CHILDREN GET SICK. Vaxed or not. That is what they do to build immunities. I feel bad, because this women grew up during the depression and I'm sure she has seen alot of VPDs in full swing. But seriously.

Anyway, It just really really gets my goat when someone who hasn't done an ounce of research to save their life, tires to come in and school us on vaccines.
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