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Re: I'm SO mad. (vax rant)

It's that generation. They were lead to believe that hospitals and medications and vaccines are wonderful. My grandma is obsessed with taking a pill for everything. If she coughs, she needs a pill. If she has a headache, she needs a pill. If she is dizzy, she needs a pill. She was actually on so many different medications that she started having adverse reactions and had to be hospitalized.
A lot of my patients that are that generation think that way too. Just brush it off, you know what you are doing. You have done your research. My MIL is obsessed too. She asks me EVERY.TIME. my dd goes to the pedi for her well baby checkup if she "got shots today?" My answer is the same everytime. No.
ETA: I quick way to shut her up is to print out TONS of information about not vaxing. (A couple books with good information is The Vaccine Book and The Vaccine Guide) Seriosuly, print out a small book and give it to her.
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