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BSRB Is it Monday already?

It is, unfortunately, and I'm up early because i'm in a boot camp training class for the certified computer examiner certification all week. 8 to 6. FUN STUFF. You won't see me online much today that's for sure! Keep you fingers crossed for me that things work out with me pumping there and not having to use the bathroom... they're supposed to find space for me but i don't know how well it's going to work out.

I was out most of yesterday and only had time to read all the chatter yesterday... Sara, put the maalox on his tushie already! It'll help neutralize the acid and protect his skin (it'll dry on his skin and be kind of chalky). I've been there with rashes on D before and watching him shake and cry just broke my heart... i had him in the oatmeal bath as much as i could because it made him so happy, and just grabbed the best cream i had and put him in a disposable since that's what it took to get it cleared up.

D's awake, time to nurse him and run... hope you guys have a good day!
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