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Re: FTLOC: Monday! President's Day!

Monday's To Do

breakfast clean up
lunch clean up

Balance Checkbook
Call 5star muffler to get DH's truck aligned
Put old rims and tires on to get truck aligned tomorrow
Tax appt at 430.. so leave by 4
Get everything together for taxes
Go to Attic and find breastpump and parts for a friend (try not to get eatten by bat while in attic)

General Kitchen Clean UP
Unload Dishwasher
Reload Dishwsher
Wipe Kitchen Counters
Wipe Stove
Wipe out sink

Sweep kitchen floor

Wash, dry, fold darks
fold whites
put away ALL laundry

Diaper laundry at some point today

Take my mom's laundry to here

Genereal livingroom, diningroom, entry clean up
Dust Livingroom, diningroom, entry
Sweep Livingroom, diningroom, entry

General upstairs clean up

Shower, Dress, Hair, etc
Dress B
Pack diaper bag

Brayden Bath
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