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Caution maybe TMI....Mucus Plug

I'm at 38 weeks, EDD is May 8th

Okay, I think I lost part of my mucus plug yesterday and then again today but I'm not 100% sure.

Yesterday, I felt a big dripping feeling just as I was wiping after going pee. The toilet paper had a glob of whitish (no brown, pink or blood tinge) , yellowish goop that isn't the same consistancy of my 'normal' discharge. Although I can certainly say the last few weeks, I've definetaly had a lot more discharge.

Then again today, when I wiped, I had another glob- a more whitish than yesterdays- and about the same size and consistancy. Again, no brown, pink or blood tinge.

When I was looking up info online it seemed like this is definetly the mucus plug. So if it is, can I still DTD with DH or should we obstain? I couldn't find any answers about that- only if your bag of waters have broken. Should I call my OB or wait until my appointment on Thursday to get checked if I don't have any other changes until then? I'm so curious on when baby is going to you think this points to her coming early or about her due date and not going late? I really don't want to go late- at least not more than a day or two after May 8th.
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