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Re: advice after tonsillectomy

Awh mama.

I had my tonisils out at 26 and can tell you it took me two weeks to FULLY get where I could eat somewhat normal again. 3-4 days to be up and about again seems to early to me. It's a quite painful surgery and recover. The pain med's burn when they go down and makes it harder to take them until the scabs are fully formed too.

I thought I was okay and tried to make it to work one day. I ended up fainting out in my drive way! The pain should start to slowly stop within like day 8 then so much the next day, etc. I was still taking regular tyenol for the mild pain the 2nd week for me. I am not usually one to take pain meds or even tyenol but I had too this time. My husband was even on me to take it every so many hours cause I was so stubborn.

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