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Re: What do you consider CIO?

Originally Posted by S Starr View Post
It's just a label... but I don't think most people who despise CIO would consider that CIO. I also think people differ on whether or not it's CIO if you're *there*, just not picking up/nursing the baby....
I agree. I don't exactly despise each his own. But, I just feel bad thinking he thinks I am not there when he has been in our room since birth...and then co-slept the past two months. He has done surprising well with the transition and we have been lucky with that.

Anyway, that said, it was obvious me coming in and out was making him more upset than if I just stayed out. First I tried just standing by his crib with my hand on him and soothing him. Then I stood outside his door for a few minutes and could tell he was calming down more than if I went back in the room.
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