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Re: Non-vaxers...Tetanus shot question

You can't get it alone. It only comes as DTaP, TDaP or DT. The TDaP is only for kids over 7 (or is it 10, I can't remember) and still includes the diptheria and pertusis vax. The DT still has mercury (more than the "trace amounts" in most vaccines) and still has diptheria in it.

I have read several studies arguing that because T was so reactive it has been watered down repeatedly to lower reactivity. It is now to the point where it is ineffective. But even without that, if your child gets injured and you take them to the ER, even if they had a booster less than a year before, they will want to give them the Toxoid shot. Which makes me wonder what the point would be to getting the vax in the first place? Tetanus is very low risk in children, the majority of cases are in the elderly. It is primarily a disease of those with poor circulation as it cannot live where there is oxygen. Between that and the fact that I reacted to the tetanus vax when I was a child, my children don't get it. Tetanus vax can cause temporary and even permanent nerve damage, typically in the body part the shot is administered in. I remember reading a case study of a tennis player who lost use of his arm after a routine booster of tetanus (this was back when it was still available alone, it was part of the reason they watered it down yet again). When my kids get injured, if the wound bleeds I don't worry about it. IF they were to get a deep puncture that would not bleed (or just barely bled) I might take them to the ER for the toxiod shot. But I won't be giving them DT or DTaP.
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