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Re: I just can't take it anymore- VENT

I just wanted to offer my sympathy, I know the whole stuck thing because we only have 1 car also.
Is it money that is the issue, because you could probably pick up a beater for pretty cheap, that he could take to work.

I think if the tables were turned your DH would not be w/o a car for long, how can anyone think it is ok to be holed up in a hotel for all day everyday w/o going insane.

If you DH insists on staying in a hotel as it gets closer to summer, call around and get a nicer hotel with at least an outside pool and an easy walk to something, the library, the park, the mall, anything.
The great thing about lving in a hotel is you can easily move. I would negotiate a longer term for a better price, I know people have rented a holiday Inn room for half price because they rented it for the whole month. Look into furnished apts. also, landlords are pretty desperate to keep renters for cash flow, you can work out a deal. Bundle the kids up and get outside everyday even if it is only for 20min. outdoors air is good for you.

Again, I am sorry I know that must be really hard, can you make any friends that would come pick you up once a week to go anywhere, even back to there house for a playdate? there has to be other nice mamas in this town, tell us where you are, one of us might live by you. (:
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