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Re: I just can't take it anymore- VENT

I vote for let the kids make a mess. Get some pudding or whipped cream - strip them down and put them in the tub and let them paint.

Another option if they aren't prone to putting stuff in the mouth is to mix finger paint and a little dab of soap and let them paint on the shower walls with that - with the touch of soap in it it washes off super fast. When they get tired of painting - hand them a wet sponge and a bucket of water and tell them to clean up.

Slightly neater - get a glue stick, scissors and construction paper. Cut shapes or whatever out of construction paper and let them glue the pieces onto another piece of paper.

If they don't do glue well get some contact paper. Cut out shapes and stuff our of construction paper. Then peel the back off a piece of contact paper and let them stick the shapes on the contact paper. Its like having built in glue on a piece of paper.

Let them glue noodles/rice/beans to a paper plate. Then when its dry let them paint the noodles/rice/beans. (you need a bottle of glue for this not a glue stick)
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