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Re: Please help me, lack of sleep is killing us...

DS didn't want to sleep on his own but cosleeping wasn't working for us (him included) either. I got a twin mattress, put it on the floor, slept with him there for a few weeks, would roll away when I thought I could. It was better b/c dh could sleep and I slept more, or so I thought.

What about a humidifier w/ lavender eo in it? A sachet of chamomile? Do research on this, but I have been told that babies can have chamomile tea. I never did, but considered giving it to ds before bed. The past few nights I have given dc turkey for dinner and they seem to be sleeping better. DS also sleeps for longer stretches (or wakes and I don't know about it) if we have classical music playing. He also likes the room rather warm.

Could he be waking b/c of a wet diaper? DS will go in and out of sleep if his diaper is wet. I've come to the conclusion it is just easier to keep up with the diaper changes even at night.

I've also found that being able to lay them down drowsy for daytime naps means I can usually/sometimes lay them down drowsy at night. It took several weeks to get there. I stayed home most of the time so that we could be consistent with nap time. Once the routine was established, I have been able to leave either w/ dc or w/o them.

Hope it gets better soon. It has too.
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