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Re: Please help me, lack of sleep is killing us...

Thank you so much. I'll look into all of that.

The late bed time was because he would be sleeping unti 9:30 am because he was so tired NOBODY is getting good sleep.

Right now his crib is in our room, but he just sits there and screams at me. I am able to lay him down awake for naps sometimes if I'm not in there. I'll just say "Night night!!" and lay him down, turn on his little aquarium and then leave. He'll fuss (NOT cry) for like 2 min then go to sleep. Should I be trying this at night too? It doesn't work all the time for naps but sometimes.

Maybe if I kept DS1 out until Leif was asleep, then brought him in (he's quiet) he'd go to bed.

I'd love them both to have 7:00 bed times....Rune does and it's awesome.
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