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Re: Please help me, lack of sleep is killing us...

Originally Posted by ShyDaisi View Post
I don't really have any suggestions other than the white sound machine which helps dull sounds to those who are sleeping. I have found that I miss it if it is off....However, we are having just as many sleep issue with my son. He is 22 months old and has been giving me fits at bed time. And, I dream of the day when he sleeps through the night. So, just commiseration, understanding, and hoping it gets better soon for the both of us.
Oh, totally, Mama!

My first was so easy. He slept through the night at 3 months, then we moved him into his own bed at 18 months by just saying "you're in your own bed now" and he was all "okay" and that was it. Now he lays in his race car bed, and sleeps. That's it.

I really am upset because all of this is making DH not want anymore kids. He'd promised me 1 more, and I was going to talk him into 2 more, but now he's saying he doubts he could handle 1 more with these issues. AND I cant get pregnant again until he's sleeping well. And I wanted to get pregnant in a few months
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