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Re: natural/homeopathic remedies for trauma/stress?

thanks so much ladies. i knew i could count on you! yes, he is taking pain meds, tylenol with codeine, and he is doing much much better with his pain, it has been over a week since he broke his leg so i guess it's feeling better. we do not usually co-sleep, he doesn't sleep well in our bed, and neither do we for that matter, but last night i brought him in with us when i went to bed and he did really well. no middle of the night scream fests!

i do have rescue remedy here, and i have given it to him, but how often can i give it and how much to give? 4 drops? we also have some hylands products, including calms forte for kids and teething tabs, which the boys LOVE!

thanks june for your suggestions and your concern. i feel calm jsut reading your post. we go on thursday for an appt with the ortho dr and will likely get an x-ray then. i will update with the results.
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