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Re: Journey to Conception group grads!

Julie: Yeah! I'm not the only one!

With the M/c's only the first for the first few days, and then i moved the kids rooms around and got Ds's big boy bed set up and then it quit, i am almost positive all that lifting did it to me

With dd and ds's pregnancys i had some major m/s. DD was worse than ds, ds i learned how to control it. I am keeping it at bay right now, but still keeping the symptoms down enough not to visit the porcelin god. Just a reasurance thing until i see my betas going up

Ok, Going to bed. FINALLY got the kitchen cleaned and the rest of the house done AGAIN. ( i cleaned it this afternoon too.) I soo need to get the kids on a schedule. no more going to bed at 10p! I have been so bad and let that slip lately. and DH is no freakin help around here. He wonders why i am a ***** most days/night. I am freakin tired from chasing the kids, trying to get orders done, keep the house clean and having to take care of him cause god forbid he get up and do his own lunch or dinner for a change! He even takes a nap or 2 during the day Drives me BONKERS!!

Ugh, sorry he is pissing me off tonight, he is already asleep on the couch and i am here waiting for the stove to take off again, cause he can't freakin check that either and make sure there is wood in there!

Ok, really going to bed!
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