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Re: Thursday ~ FTLOC

Originally Posted by jbmlost View Post
Good morning ladies. My morning has been aweful. Not enough coffee in my coffee, the cat puked everywhere, Taylor was up at 5am, at 1am she had such a stinky microfiber diaper that it woke her up and stunk up EVERYTHING even her sheets, only to find out this am I'm out of detergent AND money to buy any until friday, oh and my friend came and ruined a pair of undies (gross, sorry). Ugghhhh I want to crawl under a rock.
it's been a rough morning already Jesi! I wish I was closer and could help you out!
Originally Posted by emmarleigh View Post
Im not having any caffeine today except my morning coffee. Im grasping at straws here but maybe thats whats keeping Z up?

Please be with me in this awful time of withdrawal.
eek! Good luck with that Em lol. Or maybe to save your sanity have coffee this morning and maybe another cup in the early afternoon? I did that when I was nursing so I didnt have to deal with the caffeine headaches and not have too much caffeine in my milk for Logan.
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