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Re: Haha. Showed her!! :)

Yeah, both my kids were small...Well, both were in 50-75th percentiles for height & weight until about 4 months and then both proceeded to drop off the bottom of the chart by 1 year! Gavin was 19lbs at 1 year and Claire was 16 lbs at 1 year. I just keep feeding then what I knew was healthy (Gavin never went anywhere NEAR a french fry or hot dog until well over 2, and Claire still has not had either), and by the time they hit 18 months, both were well back on the charts (okay, 5-10th percentiles...!). Oh, and all along, they were hitting all their development milestones as they should, looked fine, etc., just were "small" according to the charts. Neither dh nor I are big, so it stands to reason that our kids won't be, either. And you hear more and more about childhood obesity and how it starts in infancy, which makes me glad I didn't have hugely fat children!! Good job mama, knowing your stuff!
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