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Re: Please help me, lack of sleep is killing us...

Thank you Mamas. He's still sleeping like crap. And now today he didn't even nap. He just kept laughing and saying "no no" when I'd say "no leif, its night night".

DH wants to start sleep training on Friday. I googled the ferber method and decided to do the Parental Extinction method. For us right now, I need him in our room. We don't have room for him to be in his own room (we have to sell a bunch of stuff) and I like having my boys with me.

I'm excited (I know that sounds so bad) to try this because I think we'll ALL be better off sleeping. He can't be happy not sleeping, ya know? I'm so scared for doing it. Last time we tried he was hyperventilating after 4 minutes so we picked him up. We were in the room with him then too. I think we'll just do it.

I'm so scared but extremely hopeful. I keep snapping at both the boys and even said the f word to DS1 today I need sleep.
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