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Re: Weaning from BF at 12 months

I am so happy to see so much support for me to continue to breastfeed!
(Especially when I hear things like "Why are you still doing THAT?")
This site is wonderful.
Actually, the pediatrician was very neutral and said if it was working for both of us that continuing to nurse was perfectly fine. He did say my 1 yr. old DS was fully capable of making his own antibodies now and didn't need mine anymore. Well if I can give him more, that's fine too!
I am like one of the other posters...I started out hoping to nurse 3 months, then I thought I would try for months, then 1 yr...and now I'm still doing it and can't believe it has worked out. I had never thought about the calming effect it might have on a tantrum later one, but I guess I will see.
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