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Re: Thursday BSRB No Stocking Day... What to do???

Originally Posted by starla79 View Post

The breastflow nipples are the weird double ones, it's like a purple inner and a clear silicone outer. It really worked good for D, it mimics the breast more than other bottles and i think helped keep him from having bottle preference issues. We also still have him on the slowest flow nipples we can buy. I'm sure it helps keep him liking the boob, since it's like drinking from a firehose compared to the bottle. I have heard latex is more natural feeling to the baby (softer and more flexible) but i wouldn't risk it with D, he's got enough allergy issues as it is and i'm allergic to latex. I'm with you on the bottle/nipple collection... once i caught on that D likes shorter nipples we were good. And like i said, daycare is so *different* from home, odds are he'll be so distracted that he won't fight having a bottle at all. It's harder on you than it is on him, trust me.
The Natursutten nipple is made from natural rubber, and they wash out the allergen-causing protein. Now I just have to figure out if I can get more here by Saturday.

Is this it?
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