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Re: HELP! Potty Learning!

I hate for this to go unanswered, but I really have no words of wisdom. My son will be 3 at the end of the month and has been fully potty-learned since July. He doesn't have any delays though (not saying he's better, just saying we didn't have any obstacles). One thing that made a HUGE difference with him was giving him all the control. He started to PL in April, but he wasn't fully into I got frustrated. I was trying to control 1/2 of it and push him into it. He stopped and refused to do anything that resembled being PL'd. Then, in July, I was talking to my grandma on the phone and talking about how he knows HOW to go, WHEN to go, WHAT to do, but he just WON'T go. He just refuses. He hadn't made that decision yet. Anyway, I went on and on about how much he knew, just wouldn't go (and I was changing his diaper at the time- so he could hear me - wasn't an intention of mine, but I think it helped!) soon as I hung up with my grandma, he requested underwear and has been in them ever since. Any time we asked or told him to go to the bathroom, he'd resist and put up a fight...but if id suggest it and tell him it was his decision, he could do it or not..whatever....he'd go. It made all the difference in the world, for us, to hand him the reigns.

I realize that this may not help, but it's our PL'ing story

Good luck mama!
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