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Re: It's Friday, I'm in love...with BSRB

Oh, and here's my imaginary signature.

Formula feeding (because I failed at tandem nursing), CD'ing (because it's now my hobby), homemade baby food-making (because I'm cheap and people told me I'd give up), non-baby wearing (because which one would I wear?), vax'ing and circ'ing (because I researched and made the decisions that were right for my family), non-cosleeping (because DH and I didn't want to), WOHM (because I make more than DH and because I worked hard for my career and because I have access to the best childcare possible [grandparents and a sitter who adore them] and because, although I struggle sometimes, it's working for us)

Allison, proud WOHM of twin boys
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