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Re: The Wool I Know -- Thursday

Originally Posted by kimanne4 View Post
sometimes these things just slowly happen... i don't write down I worry about this
i don't write down either. glad to know i'm not the only one. i have a disclaimer on my HC that colorways are considred OOAK for this reason. That no two will ever be the same all though, most of my recipes are in my head, but i do most by sight anyhow. maybe i shouldn't have admitted that.

Originally Posted by kimanne4 View Post
do you guys think it is better to have a set stocking time? or more random

we have always done more random- just suited us better and i guess i also thought then we could move it around which would help out those that can never stalk at certain times...

i like more random.

Originally Posted by Knutsonfam View Post
I had an ISO for RFR is my siggy until yesterday when I gave up on it and changed it to my newborn stash destash. I am reminded of a book I once read that said something like "If you love something let it go, if it was meant to be it will come back to you." Maybe someday RFR will run right along to my door.
i'm sorry i didn't see it. PM me mama

Originally Posted by kimanne4 View Post
feeling ok!
I will be happy when i stop throwing up tho!
thanks for asking

that looks like a cool site!

i need to dye that again...but it isn't on my coop list and i really need to stick to that or i will never finish

glad you all like the randomness - i always get frustrated when things stock on tuesdays b/c i am always gone for gavins therapies and have no chance at them
um. there is a WSK coop somewhere

Originally Posted by szelda64 View Post

I swear, I didn't! When I got the skeins, one of them didn't have the tag on it.

For reals, the tag isn't on my flickr picture either.
right. sure.

Originally Posted by shandi View Post
Opinions please!

I'm almost at the cuff of Gaia II...should I finish in colorway or do natural trim?
Or is natural trim just asking for dirt?


Originally Posted by szelda64 View Post

Just a few MM and Selah stuff coming, but it's slowing down now, thankfully.
ahem. *cough cough*

Originally Posted by kimanne4 View Post

Originally Posted by Lyttlewon View Post
Where is this Knit Along Monica?
Ravelry DS Group.

Originally Posted by joanna19 View Post
it's here.

i must warn you to NOT be eating when you see this:
i think that is the most disgusting thing i have EVER seen in my life. but kind of hysterical. DH would be scrubbing with his toothbrush.
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