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Re: It's Friday, I'm in love...with BSRB

Morning, mamas....
Just a quickie before I hop into my coveted shower.

Allison--One of the reasons I chose to make baby food is due to the cost factor, too. Plus, it amazed me how many meals just a few apples or a couple of sweet potatoes, etc. made. It's amazing.
OMG--you are so lucky with the sitter's mom knitting??!! I'll bet if you just passed along the Sheepy Pants pattern to her, she could whip up a pair of longies/shorties. So cool that she knows about diaper covers for CDs!!

Sara--I read your post from last night. Sorry that you got to bed late because DH didn't feel like running to the store or cleaning up the kitchen. That drives me nuts, too. DH loves to leave the dinner dishes piled in the sink when I go to yoga and it's just about the last thing I feel like doing when I get home after 9:30. I do try to remember my working days and how after working all day, I didn't always feel like doing those chores, either. Regardless, it still stinks.

I had a QOTD I've been wanting to ask for awhile, and now I can't think of it. Perhaps it will come to me in the shower if no one else thinks of one while I'm gone.

ETA--Did everyone see the rave for our very own Jordan in EF here??!! Yay, Jordan!!!
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