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Re: HELP! Potty Learning!

My experience with 4 boys has been that it can take some of them a long time. All 3 of our older boys were pretty darn close to 4 before everything totally clicked and we had no further potty issues. Right now number 4 is working on potty training and the one thing we did differently was pretty much leaving it up to him. He is 3 and is making much more progress than his brothers ever did at his age. WE bought lots of underpants and pulled out the training pants from his big brothers. MIL heard we were encouraging him so she sent underwear for Christmas. Sounds strange but that is always a big hit. We got out the potty movie and DH put it on at least once a day. Asked him a few times if he had to go and then left him alone. He's doing great suddenly. Wakes up every morning and puts underwear on and actually stays dry. I wouldn't push too hard. My mom tried to help while we were visiting and tried to shame him into using the potty, griping at him, telling him he was too old for diapers, blah, blah. Needless to say it did nothing but help. Just don't understand what she was thinking. I would personally just keep it casual for a few more weeks and see what happens. And throw a huge party when he does actually go. Good luck.
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