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Re: Just Can't Get Enough --of Wool -- Saturday

I split for the legs on my shorties and am ready to start knitting one of the legs. The Burgh Baby pattern leaves the gusset open for now.

I need to pick up 6 stitches on each leg so my chunky monkey's thighs will fit well. Aimee made me a video last night (how cool is that??? she's the best!), so now I understand the concept of picking up stitches. But I'm still not sure exactly where. (Having trouble envisioning this from the video.)

Originally Posted by Lyttlewon View Post
Ok Dev here the leg stitches are on scrap yarn. If I were doing this for real the 16" circ would be inserted into the live stitches where the scrap yarn is and I would be picking up with my 12" circ. This is a closed gusset but it basically works the same with an open gusset.

Can you see this?
I know I pick up 3 in the front and 3 in the back. Do they go parallel to the stitch holders that are holding my 2 gusset pieces? The circ for the leg meets up with the stitch holder, so I can't envision anywhere else and the instructions read:

Originally Posted by devholan View Post
i'm a little tired, so just to make sure I understand:
the pattern says to "use my working yarn to pick up stitches on both sides of the gusset. it says to form individual stitches right next to each of the stitch holders. "

so between that from the pattern and the link you just provided... I'm still not quite sure where I'm picking up stitches from? what does it mean by next to the gusset stitch holders? the stitch right below? or along side?
Here's a picture of the area:

The 12" circ for the leg meets the stitch holder, so I don't know exactly where the stitches get added in. I'm trying to visualize exactly how this works to make the leg opening wider.
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