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Re: WEEKEND Back 2 Basics...

Originally Posted by mom2piddle View Post
I know one big name company has muslin flats Why the name isn't coming to me I have noooo idea...

I use a beach bag....its just a big canvas bag with 2 handles and a few pockets on the front...the bottom has a plastic liner inside so if it gets dirty you can wipe wasn't getting any love her thanks to winter anyway so I repurposed it!
i'd love to see a pic of your beach tote for some inspiration as I've been thinking something similar if i end up with two in diapers again BUT i've got to put the pockets in it otherwise it drives me nuts. Right now with just one I tend to take a purse with a wetbag wipes and 1 or 2 pfs stashed in.

imse vimse does and integrity diaper company and granitesmith on ebay both sometimes carry them - they tend to call them guaze those

Originally Posted by RebekahG77 View Post
My weekend agenda:

*do powerpoint for next week's Bible study
*lots of custom dye jobs
*a little grocery shopping

That's all that I HAVE to get done, but I'd also like to clean out some of our unused stuff and take it to Goodwill

What about you?
I really like cleaning things out to take out of the house but since we've been moving so much nothing has really been building up and Dh wont let me do it as a hobby

Originally Posted by flobee76 View Post
just checking in tonite. I am sure that mostly everyone is gone to bed. I am so sorry to read about mommyof8's loss. how tagic.

i am in the hospital till tomorrow morning. things are going well. Tessa is eating like a champ. no cloth yet, since I forgot to pack some. DH forgot to grab some at the house today and i forgot her going-home wool pants i knitted up. oh well...

off to finish writing up Tessa's birth story.
eating well!

Cheryl! I completely understand about wanting to get out but considering finances. I've never had a lot of problems with my girlfriends just because they tend to have been sahms on a budget or poor college students but when we visit Dh's old classmates its harder because they love to go out and go out often. They and their wives work full time adult jobs and have considerably larger percentages of their budgets going to play. Hopefully as long as you are going places typically that dont require you to spend money you can still go and have a good time sharing their company over a pop or something small

wotb: pf snappied under crocheted monster bum longies (present for dh

-finish apron that got put aside yesterday
-take the kids to play indoors at the mall playground because it is stinkin cold here today
-hope that dh can wrangle the boys long enough to also repurpose my pants into maternity ones
-list the pictures on the fsot that i took yesterday

Do we have our qotd? I guess i shouldnt be the one to ask it because all i can think right now is about nursing and pregnancy LOL

- oh I have one though - I was wondering about getting involved in the funraiser donating a pillowcase dress - who would i contact?
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