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Re: WEEKEND Back 2 Basics...

Originally Posted by negrapy View Post
Cheryl! I completely understand about wanting to get out but considering finances. I've never had a lot of problems with my girlfriends just because they tend to have been sahms on a budget or poor college students but when we visit Dh's old classmates its harder because they love to go out and go out often. They and their wives work full time adult jobs and have considerably larger percentages of their budgets going to play. Hopefully as long as you are going places typically that dont require you to spend money you can still go and have a good time sharing their company over a pop or something small
Yeah, it's weird. You know, if we were just going to a restaurant everytime like this past time, I could get a coke and maybe bring a coupon or something. But they were talking about going bowling next time, doing Super Suppers, activities that require some outlay of cash. Of course this was after they'd all had three big margaritas, so who knows.

My situation with them is kind of weird. Technically we are a playgroup for our middle-class subdivision (but we welcome everyone), which is surrounded on three sides by much more expensive subdivisions and the fourth side, a much poorer subdivision. Most of our subdivision goes to the elementary school with the poorer one, myself included. But most of the moms in the playgroup are in the few niches that get to go to the school with the more expensive ones. So their houses are worth more, almost every house in those areas is lived in by a young couple with kids where the mom is a SAHM and while they are not rich per se money is not especially tight. They are all close together and visit each other frequently. Most of the families in my part of the subdivision are dual income, and there are fewer of them because about 40% of the homes are still occupied by the elderly original owners. So there are a few families with kids on my street, but both parents work so they are never home. And I'm not really in walking distance to the moms in the playgroup, so any other interaction with them has to be scheduled.

Not that there's a snob/socal classes factor with them at all - when they go to public school, they are the *poor* ones in their school, LOL. But because of logistics of location, their vs. my lifestyle and finances, etc. it's just harder for me to socialize with them. And they are always inviting me to things and making feel included, and like I said when I host EVERYONE comes. But I dont have the closeness the rest of them have from sheer proximity to each other, and financially it's hard for me to go socialize with or without kids when expense is involved.

Anybody else have such strange problems?
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