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Re: WEEKEND Back 2 Basics...

Originally Posted by monicadd View Post
Ohhh im on daily maintence meds. the Strongest ones they can give outside a hospital. I take symbicort 2x a day, I take spirva 1 time a day, i take prednisone 60mg everyday, i have duoned/albuterol/xeponex for nebulizer, i take singular and i also have reflux meds that they think my reflux triggers it, i take zantac script and nexium. Thats not including the bc pills and lexapro i take on top of that.

Im in the process of developing a shot for me through the company xolair. it will be a shot i get 4x a month and also a series of allergy shots. Supposively this is gonna make me back to the way i was 3 years ago.
So you probably spend my house payment on meds every month

I hate prednisone...that stuff is crap. It makes my son an animal.....
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