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Re: WEEKEND Back 2 Basics...

i wasnt always sick. we moved in a house that unknowingly was infested badly with mold. it consumed my lungs so bad that i went unconscious alone with my 2 children at the time. my dd had to call 911. my lungs had so much mold in it they thought i was gonna die. it was bad. i was in the hospital quarinitned for almost a month. they are not sure my lungs will ever be the same. they are very week and least little thing set me off. thats why im on steriods so much. ive been on it so much i now have whats called Cushings disease, its when your body cant produce adrenaline. my adrenal gland doesnt work on it own to produce the steriods in my body that are suppose to be made. in result it gives me a moon shaped face and whats called a buffalo hump on your neck. a large fliud filled muscle. i sounds like a disgusting animal. and frankly its how i feel. i know my dh looks at me and sees not the person he feel in love with. but he has been so supportive and he tells me everyday how beautiful i am, tho i never see it.

enough of my sad pitiful story, i dont want friends cause they feel sorry for me. i want friends cause im me.
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