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Re: HELP! Potty Learning!

Thanks for everyone's help.
I just had a meeting with the special ed group and they want him in a half day program (3 hours a day) with 3 other boys his age.
The best part is he does not have to be PL. That is the big relief. I thought he was not going to get to go to school because of the PL issue.
3 out of the 4 boys (my DS included) are not PL so hopefully as they go through speech, they can get PL'd together.
Best part is this is all free from the state.

I have bought him tons of special undies, which he loves, but it is not enough incentive to PL.
I probably have to bribe him though with small toys. He gets special smelly stickers when he does something good, but I think PL needs more incentive
Thanks for the advice and listening to my gripe.
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