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Re: *LOOKIE* My FS0T checklist for ALL Buyers & Sellers *LOOKIE*

One thing I've seen once and absolutely adored, is that a seller put a short description (just type, size, price range) of each diaper right at the top of her post, so that it could be hovered over. After midnight my brother is allowed to torrent files, so my connection is slow as molasses, so waiting for it to register my click, waiting for it to load, waiting for pictures to load, just to find out its a L Mutt for $25 is so frustrating (out of size, price, and type range, and it happens often). I would just surf earlier in the day, but DH gets home at midnight so I don't get much baby-free time until then.

I really love this sticky, I couldn't agree more PMing a whole bunch of sellers to ask inner material gets me frustrated and gets their hopes up.
I know they don't *have* to tell us anything in the post, but it would reduce so much hassle and frustration on both ends.
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