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Re: When your baby is sick

Originally Posted by loni1090 View Post
You and your poor child...
You just need to keep him hydrated. Both my DS never liked pedialyte, or the pedialyte pops. I always gave Gatorade. But don't give red gatorade. It stains. Even if they keep throwing it up, some of it will be absorbed. So don't stop giving them electrolyte drinks.
I had friend's kids end up in the hospital because of dehydration.
Good luck! It should last a few days. Donovan only lasted 24 hours. Alex lasted 3 days
I feel horrible for her! She was sick yesterday. She won't drink her formula. She tried again this morning but she puked it up a couple minutes after finshing it. After that I decided she does not need any. I have been giving pedialyte.. She is not to find of it. I will try gatorade. Thanks!
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