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Re: Shopping Saturday: FTLOC

To Do List:
make bed
shower & dress - shave my legs too . . . maybe tomorrow?
unload dishwasher
vaccum AJ's room
vaccum upstairs
wash floors upstairs

vaccum downstairs & couch
make lunch - sandwiches
finish up work for the week

clean bathroom
make dinner - chicken fajitas ALL PREPPED
use dinner leftovers to make enchiladas
dinner clean-up
tidy up for company coming to watch UFC
make snacks for company

change AJ's bedding
wash AJ's bedding
wash darks

dry darks
fold/put away darks

wash diapers
dry diapers

fold/put away diapers

I'm such a good girl!

I don't think I'm going to make it to finish up the diapers and get pics posted on FSOT, too tired. That will be my project for tomorrow afternoon while AJ naps.

I'm off to bed ladies, will chat tomorrow. I probably won't be around until lunch as AJ has swimming in the morning.
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