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Re: 5 VAX in one visit?

We had I think 4 shots the last time and I thought I would die. It took him I bet 10 minutes to calm down after all of them. Usually we get 2 in 1 leg and 1 in the other. I don't know why it was so many this past time. We also did a bunch of research on vacc.'s and have decided to go with a regular schedule.

As far as the other stuff, I would either change doc's or tell him exactly where you stand on certain things.

4 months is a bit young to be demanding that your child be on solids. Every child is different and I'm sure you can figure out when your babe is ready. And juice isn't at all necessary. That doc should know that children don't need juice if they have an adequate fruit intake. Water is best for thirsty children. Not babies though. BM is the best. And you do not need to give vitamins (IMO) or flouride. My, my. I think I would switch ped.'s if I were you. Too much that you disagree with.
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